60/61/101 are BAD for LIBRARIES and BAD for COLORADO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TIPS and TOOLS for FIGHTING the BAD 3.


Hopeful News: Voters Down on the Bad 3

The Oct. 4 front page article is here. The Post/9News conducted a poll with heartening results:

"10 percent of likely voters supported Amendment 60, which would cut property taxes, while 48 percent opposed the measure and 42 percent said they were not certain.

Similarly, 10 percent supported Amendment 61, which would bar state borrowing and limit local debt, while 49 percent opposed the initiative and 40 percent said they were unsure.

Meanwhile, 12 percent of poll respondents said they were supporting Proposition 101, which would cut income taxes and vehicle and phone fees, while 44 percent opposed it and 44 percent were unsure."

But as Don't Hurt Colorado points out, now is not the time to grow complacent or smug. After all, we've got all of those undecided voters to worry about. And remember, the results of Ciruli's September polltarget="_blank" were much dimmer. Pre-election polls are merely a snapshot of voter opinion-- they may provide a glimpse of the possible future, but our future is really an unknown until Election Day...

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