60/61/101 are BAD for LIBRARIES and BAD for COLORADO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TIPS and TOOLS for FIGHTING the BAD 3.


Think about it: moving beyond Colorado's ballot issue battles

The Denver Post editorial is here.

Many are wondering if something like the Bad 3 will return to haunt Colorado. I think you can count it. If you enjoyed the piece above, you might be interested in ColoradosFuture.org.


Yippee! (and, and it's gonna be the future soon.)

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Here's to all the people across Colorado who got out the word about the Bad 3. And here's to a pro-public service Colorado! 

I don't doubt that we will face similar challenges in the future, but I also don't doubt our ability to mobilize for libraries and our communities. I look forward to a long and bright future for libraries. It's not enough to simply remain relevant, we can excel and shine and continue to help people transform their lives in fabulous ways. I can't wait!

A few of the remarks I made at my Internet Librarian preso last week seem fitting today:

- No single super hero can save the day. We’ve all got to be superheroes now. Be your own superhero. Surround yourself with heroes. Share your knowledge and encourage new and veteran superheroes. As always, the time is now to gather and nurture our tribe of library superheroes, and activate our crew of library supporters and advocates. Together, we can continue to spread messages of library support and funding, change perceptions about libraries, and secure a stellar future for libraries.

- Focus your efforts on your super supporters, evangelists,heroes and early adapters. These passionate advocates will help you reach out to, and convince the folks who are sitting on the fence when it comes to library support or advocacy. These undecideds are the people who might be swayed by your messaging. Sometimes they are even advocates in the making. So focus your efforts on the convinceables and probable supporters as well. When you get a pointed and well‐crafted advocacy movement rolling –and join forces with other library lovers‐ the positive momentum is irresistible and rewarding. 

- It’s so tempting to argue with the naysayers. They may tell you libraries are obsolete, or that they have enough money and don’t need the library. Maybe they never bother to vote. Maybe they like to tell you can’t make a difference, or that they didn’t go to library school for this, or that it’s someone else’s job. Don’t waste your time. These folks will only drag you down and sap your superhero energy. And you’re not likely to get their vote or change their mind anyhoo. Move along.

Remember the Four Points from Colorado's Big, Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG):

1. Libraries change lives. We are agents of transformation and increased quality of life.
2. Libraries mean business. We help small business owners succeed, draw traffic into local businesses, assist workers with job searches and skillbuilding, and boost property value.
3. Libraries build community. We are an essential part of the community, we bring people together and bring our community to the world.
4. Libraries are a smart investment. For every $1 I spend on Douglas County Libraries, I receive $5 in goods and services. Why buy when you can borrow for less?

So What’s Next?!
I think we all want to be part of a bright future for libraries. We’ve got to play a long‐game of support‐building, and continue to expand and work in concert with our league of library champions. We’ve also got to be the promise of the four points. It’s not enough to talk about how great libraries are, we have to prove it. From Awareness to Funding asks us to demonstrate that libraries are all about the future, and we can’t do this if we cling to the past. Libraries of all kinds need to band together not only to build support, we need to work together to ensure there’s a spot for libraries (libraryrenewal.org!) on the playing field of the digital age.


Thank you, voters!

The bad three died well deserved political deaths. Here's hoping they don't come back as zombies in 2012!

And thank you to Aspen Walker who did a great job creating and maintaining the bad3 bad4 libraries blog, and thanks to all the other contributors. I know dozens of library employees who worked hard to defeat these destructive measure - Kudos to you all!

Way to go, COLORADO!


Your Taxes: Unintended tax consequences of 60, 61, 101

Have you heard about the impact on unemployment insurance in Colorado if the Bad 3 pass? Check out this article in the Summit Daily News for more information.