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Coalition Against 60, 61, 101 Tops 600 Members


For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
Contact: Dan Hopkins, Coloradans for Responsible Reform 303-829-4679

From AARP to the Yampa Valley Medical Center and the Colorado High School Activities Association to the Dumb Friends League, groups representing nearly every walk of life and concern from throughout Colorado have joined the coalition to defeat Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101.

Coloradans for Responsible Reform (CFRR) announced today that over 600 organizations now officially oppose the “Ugly Three.”

The campaign against the “Ugly Three” also has gained momentum on Facebook, attracting nearly 15,000 fans. And over the past few weeks, more than 50,000 yard signs have been posted throughout the state.

“This is truly a grassroots campaign,” said Sheila MacDonald, coalition director for CFRR. “As people learn more about the staggering consequences of 60, 61 and 101, they are becoming even more energized in their determination to defeat them.”

Facebook friends are engaging in their own campaigns to defeat the measures. Jennifer posted, “I’ve sent 251 emails and spread the word.” Ann “emailed 100 with more going out.” Rebekah posted that she has sent 460 emails while Dawn said she sent 231 emails and is “going to PTO to discuss how we can get the word out to everyone.”

Rural Colorado is speaking out against the measures through the major farm and ranch groups. The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Colorado Corn Growers Association, Colorado Dairy Farmers, Colorado Farm Bureau and Rocky Mountain Farmers Union have all passed resolutions in opposition.

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association president Robbie LeValley states that the measures “take away local voter decisions about tax issues, severely impact local fire, ambulance and ditch districts, and reduce funding to local school and road and bridge funds which impact rural Colorado most.”

More than a dozen water providers are opposed including the Colorado River District, Colorado Water Congress, Denver Board of Water Commissioners, Lower Arkansas Water Conservancy District, the Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority and the Pueblo Board of Water Works.

In its resolution, the Colorado River District states the measures would “significantly damage” the ability of water districts throughout the state to fund “their most basic level of services related to safety, water and sanitation.”

Over 50 health providers are opposed, including hospitals, air ambulance services, EMTs, and family, mental and rural health centers.

“These measures are truly hazardous to Colorado’s health. They will force cuts to Medicaid and the Children’s Basic Health Plan. Many rural hospitals won’t be able to fund needed improvements or even lease critical medical equipment,” said Mimi Roberson, President and CEO of Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center.

The education community – at the K-12 and college levels – also has mobilized against the measures. Groups ranging from the Charter School Institute to Great Education Colorado are on the same page.

Districts large and small are in opposition with the Wiggins School District saying it may have to eliminate sports, school buses and food service. The Jefferson County Education Association states that more than 800 Jeffco teachers will lose their jobs. Statewide, CFRR estimates that about 8,000 K-12 teachers would be let go.

Business and civic organizations opposed include Club 20 on the Western Slope, Progressive 15 in northeastern Colorado and Action 22 in the southern half. Combined, these groups cover nearly all of Colorado’s counties. Other major business groups on the list include the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, Colorado Association of Homebuilders and the Denver Visitor and Convention Bureau.

“Virtually every business group in the state has taken a stand against the ‘Ugly Three.’ Businesses understand that these measures won’t lead to economic development but instead to economic disaster,” said Kelly Brough, president of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.

A list of all of the organizations in opposition may be found at the CFRR website – www.donthurtcolorado.com. The Facebook page is Vote No On 60, 61, 101.

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Dan Hopkins, CFRR, 303-829-4679
Kate Horle, Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, 303-620-8040
Sheila MacDonald, CFRR, 303-956-3605
Amy Brader, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, 303-431-6422

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