60/61/101 are BAD for LIBRARIES and BAD for COLORADO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TIPS and TOOLS for FIGHTING the BAD 3.



"Take one big step outside your comfort zone!

It’s not easy to discuss politics with acquaintances whose beliefs are unknown to us. It’s important to do so, however, because we’re down to the wire on the fall election.

There’s still time to talk to contacts about the enormous potential negative impacts of issues 60, 61, and 101, the “Bad 3.” These ballot measures have attracted an unusually broad and bipartisan opposition, including Republican and Democratic legislative leaders and business, labor and civic organizations.

Your message needn’t be confrontational. You can acknowledge the desire of most people to have the best state possible, while helping the residents of Colorado. Convey your position as rational information, along with a story about the importance of libraries to you personally.

Take time to call or email one person you’re not sure knows the facts about these issues or who you assume has different political beliefs from yours. You may be surprised to find once that the negative impacts you present are convincing to him or her.

Parents and older folks tend to vote in large numbers, so you may want to select someone from these groups. Polls show decreasing support for the “Bad 3,” but we can’t rely on chance."

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