60/61/101 are BAD for LIBRARIES and BAD for COLORADO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TIPS and TOOLS for FIGHTING the BAD 3.



Elections are changing. Change with them.

Elections are changing Regardless of how many paid television and radio ads are blasting out, person-to-person and word-of-mouth advocacy are key in these times of mail-in ballots and drop-by voting locations. In regard to ballot issues 60, 61, and 101, try these simple techniques to make others aware of the potential impact on libraries and other agencies.
· Write postcards to your friends and acquaintances with a SHORT message.
· Ask if you can speak briefly about the issue at meetings you attend.
· Copy and bring a stack of flyers to meetings or other suitable locations.
· Add a few words about your position to the recorded message on your telephone.

IN THE NEWS: Colorado Independent article "Officials say tax-slashing measures would devastate libraries. SEE

"The battle has begun." That's how Channel 9's Education Reporter Nelson Garcia summed up the on air story he filed after visiting both the Great Education Colorado Action office and the "YES on 60, 61 & 101" campaign. Information on this story

Background on the issues at Bad3Bad4Libraries and Don't Hurt Colorado

This notice is from Library People—Friends of Colorado Libraries, www.librarypeople.org, librarypeoplecolorado@yahoo.com

All three Advocacy Actions letters are here.

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